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The time has come to really kick things into high gear. You’ve got an entire trilogy of books available. That’s more than most traditionally published authors put out over two years, and it’s worth celebrating. In this final quarter, you’re going to use the power of free to boost your sales. You’ll also take your shot at email advertisers while trying to determine what else might give you a sales boost going forward.

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July – September

With six months of hard work under your belt, you’re bound to have a small but dedicated following as well as two products in a variety of stores. The third quarter of the year is about continuing to grow while taking advantage of everything you’ve gathered thus far. Even if you haven’t topped 100 sales a month at this point, you’re still setting yourself up for success with a solid foundation.

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The Second Quarter: April – June

Your first book is out and you’re starting to gain traction with fans. Even though instinct may tell you to go out and market your book, you’re still in the building phase. If you have to choose between marketing your first book and writing your second book, then the next book should almost always be the path you take.

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The supposed gold rush has come to a close. Gone are the days where you could use your KDP Select free promotion to makes tens of thousands of dollars. Some authors exploited the Amazon algorithm or the customer review system to net a boatload of cash from 2010 on. The loopholes are closing and the number of books is swelling. Authors who want to earn a living from their books in the next five years will need to worry less about formulas and more about good old-fashioned hard work.

If you’re looking to make six-figures a year from your time as an indie author, then you should prepare to work 80-100 hours a week for the next few years. That being said, it’s possible for authors to earn supplementary income by combining daily writing, effective marketing, and targeted networking. Unless you have a massive breakthrough, 15-30 hours a week of work won’t net you a big payday, but you should be able to creep into the four-figure per month club by the end of a calendar year.


This four-part article goes over all the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goal of $1,000 per month. It assumes that you have all the fundamentals in place: professional-looking covers, a well-edited series of books, captivating blurbs, a website, and a mailing list. The following tips are unlikely to help if you don’t already have a solid foundation. Take the free Selling the First 100 Copies of Your Book course on the Author Marketing Academy and follow all the steps within to hit the bare minimum level for starting this process.


Once you’ve got your ducks in a row, make sure that you’ve secured 15 to 30 hours per week in your schedule for the entire year. This is non-negotiable. You can’t expect to take a few weeks or months off in the middle of the year and maintain the momentum you’ll need to build your business. Block out the time to take action, or you’re unlikely to reach your income goal.


With your schedule and a firm understanding of how to deliver a professional book in pace, here is a 12-month overview of what it’ll take to earn $1,000 from your monthly self-publishing sales.

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The following is an follow up interview we did with an Erotica author who we interviewed years ago. The author, previously unnamed, was making over $10,000 a month writing short Erotica novels, and at the time had produced over 100 of them. If you missed the first interview, you can see that here.

In this follow up interview, we find out how her success has been since 2014 and how Kindle Unlimited has worked for her. If you're an author who is interested in how an author can write a lot of books and use them to have success on Amazon and other networks, then you will not want to miss this short interview.

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When you have a business that’s solidly number two at something, you can either strive to reach #1 or abandon your position. Pepsi is the number two soft drink, and it’s reveled in that slot with goofy comparison ads and celebrity endorsements. AT&T is the #2 cellular network, and it’s pushed forward to enhance reliability and create memorable commercials. Barnes & Noble, the company behind the Nook Press publishing platform, however, has opted for the latter path.

Barnes & Noble has withdrawn significant financial support from its self-publishing platform. The business already lacked in several key areas compared to Amazon. Now it’s starting to fall even further behind.

So, here’s the big question: Is it still worth publishing there? It takes time and resources to get your book up on any platform, so you need to make sure that Nook Press is worth your investment. Here are five facts about the platform that may influence your decision.

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There aren’t many book retailers with as much of a personal focus as Kobo. When’s the last time you listened to a podcast sponsored by the iBooks store or Nook Press? The team at Kobo Writing Life has done a lot to get its name out there in the indie community. The PR for Kobo is through the roof, but how are the book sales at the Canadian retailer?

Like with Apple or Nook Press, few authors count Kobo as their number one source of sales. Authors who’ve had their work featured in a Kobo promotion have touted four-figure monthly revenue with books sold in a variety of countries. Meanwhile, most indies sum up their experience with Kobo like so: I love Kobo. I just wish I sold some books there.

There are several action steps you’ll need to take if you plan to pull in some sales at Kobo. Here are five things you may not have known about the Canadian sleeping giant.

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Your time as an indie author is precious. There are more than enough tasks to fill up your schedule, and if you did them all, it’s likely you’d be working 80 hours a week. For most of the last two years, publishing directly to Apple hasn’t seemed like a worthwhile investment in time.

While there have been stories of some genres performing well on the platform, there are ten-fold as many tales of authors putting time and energy into Apple with no results to speak of. The publishing platform isn’t intuitive, and it may require a Google Search or two for strange error messages returned by your document. After uploading, Apple has been notorious for taking at least a week to get books live. Once the books become available, discoverability has been hit or miss, often leaving products languishing in sales despite your best intentions.

Without question, there are shortcomings to the Apple platform, but there is hope for 2015 and beyond. Apple’s recent acquisition of BookLamp, a book discoverability engine that could rival Amazon’s recommendation algorithm, and a renewed dedication to faster book processing, has some authors excited about the platform’s prospects. If you’re considering publishing on Apple’s iBooks store, here are six things you should keep in mind.

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Audio content is making a comeback. Just look at the recent popularity of the podcast Serial. Millions of people tuned in every week, as if the radio age were still upon us. More people are using the audio medium to consume content because it’s easier than ever to listen on the go.


Consumers can download a podcast to their phone so they can listen on their commute. They can stream an audio course on their car stereo for a trip to the in-laws. They can even pop on their headphones at work and listen to an entire audiobook.

When you look for ways to increase your book revenue, it’s important to choose platforms with an upward trajectory. The Audiobook Creation Exchange, ACX, is an Amazon company that allows authors to publish their books in audio format. As the audio boom continues to spread, ACX may be the next logical place for you to find additional sales for your book. Here are six things you might not know about publishing on ACX.

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If you and Amazon were dating, then 2015 might be the year to seek counseling. Several bestselling authors have reported significant sales drops from a combination of the Kindle Unlimited program, traditional publishing dropping its prices, and an overwhelming number of books available. The changes are great for Amazon customers, but they may make it harder for you to sell your books. It’s high time that you reconsidered your exclusivity and tried dating other retailers.


While it’s a good idea to publish on all available platforms, it’s up for debate which retailer is a solid number two to Amazon. Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press was top contender for most of the last few years, but a withdrawal of resources by the parent company has caused sales drops and frustrated readers. Apple has been hit or miss for authors, and its uploading process has been notoriously slow and tedious. Through public interviews and sponsorships, Kobo has made some waves, particularly for international sales, but it’s not a clear number two for most. The one platform authors tend to talk about the least may be the one with the highest ceiling. The Google Play Store is a growing marketplace with many potential readers and you should consider taking it out on a date.

You might assume that if you have a book on Smashwords or Draft2Digital that you’re already on the Google Play platform. In reality, one of the only ways to sell your books there is to upload them direct. Here are 7 more things you might not know about this up-and-coming platform.

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