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Talking Author Services with Shari Stauch of

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Kristina Radke, NetGalley’s Publisher Liaison and Communications Manager talks with us about getting reviews and

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Author Joanna Penn & Mark Lefebvre from Kobo talk about the business of self-publishing and being an authorpreneur, as well as the business of marketing of books.

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In this conversation we talk with Ferol Vernon, the COO of The discussion moves into talking about discounting books and strategies to get your books discovered.

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Here on Author Marketing Institute, we talk a lot about increasing your earnings and becoming a stronger writer. One thing we haven’t touched upon so much is how to be happy with the work you’re doing. So many writers base their happiness on a paycheck. They’re overjoyed if they have a giant month on KDP, and they’re down in the dumps if they fail to make ends meet during another. This is a tough way to live. If the tragic ends of famous movie stars have taught us anything, it’s that money cannot buy you happiness.

So if it’s not about the dollar signs, what else should an author base his or her happiness around? True happiness comes from within not from without. It takes as much work to be happy as it does to tweak your keywords or format your Kindle book. There’s no one true formula, but there are a few things you can do as an author to improve your odds of a good mood. Here are six steps you can take to be happier as an author.

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Getting a one-star review on your book feels like the end of the world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten 50 positive reviews up to that point, the psychology of the human brain makes you want to fully concentrate on the negativity spewed forth by that reviewer. Your instinct may be to report this person who would dare to give your book such a low rating. After all, who would malign your book but someone who meant it personally?

There are multiple articles out there about how to get your negative reviews taken off of Amazon and other shady practices. If there’s something offensive or nonsensical about the review that’s one thing, but if you simply want to take down a review that’s lowering your book’s average rating, then you really should consider a different strategy altogether. It’s much better to cope with the one-star review then it is to whine and cry about it. Here are five ways to actually deal with negative reviews.

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Here on the Author Marketing Institute site, we are big proponents of spreading out the risk. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t advocate for exclusivity. We feel as though authors should try out every bookselling platform and they should consider going direct to fans with their work. That being said, it’s hard to ignore the 700-pound gorilla in the room that is Amazon KDP.


For most authors, Amazon KDP is their top earner by far. With the impending collapse by typical number two NookPress, that gap could grow even further. Email marketing promotions like BookBub and eReaderNewsToday tend to have the greatest impact on Amazon sales. It’s simply the largest reader platform out there, and if you’re having trouble selling books there, then it’s likely you’re not selling many books at all.

You can read as many Kindle gold rush products as you want, but there is no overarching secret to selling more books on Amazon. There are several best practices that the top selling Amazon authors tend to use frequently. Here are five ways some of the biggest names on Amazon get their books to the top of the charts.

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