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You’ve probably heard the advice enough times to be sickened by it. The pundits say that if you can eke out two hours of writing time per day, you’ll have no problem publishing a few books every year. When most normal people try to find that extra time in their schedules, they can’t help but laugh. “Two hours per day,” they say, “I’m lucky if I can find 10 minutes.” That being said, if you want to make writing books a part of your life, then you’ll need to carve out regular time every day to put pen to paper.

It’s easy to get into a productivity rut. When life gets jam-packed with work and family obligations, 10-minute tasks can easily turn into half-hour endeavors. This problem is universal, but most people never squeeze out the necessary time to fit in creative work. You have to strive for better to be a writer. Here are five ways to carve out two hours of writing per day.

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It’s tough to tell where you get all of your assumptions. Maybe you heard something about selling books during a writing conference presentation and it stuck deep within your brain. Perhaps you read something online and it seemed too true to be fake. No matter where you got your information, whether it’s correct or far off base, it’s pretty clear that your mindset makes a major impact on your ability to sell books.

There are dozens of tactics that can improve your sales, many of which we’ve covered elsewhere on the Author Marketing Institute, but it’s often a combination of tactics and what you believe that propels you to success. If you already know all the right things to do, then the last step may be to get your mind right. Here are five false beliefs about selling books that you should change to become more successful.

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Writing can take a lot out of you. If you’re putting in two to four hours of first draft copy each day in the midst of everyday life or a full-time job, then interacting with fans on social media for 30 minutes may feel like genuine torture. So many authors dread responding to emails and spending their time on Twitter that they fail to forge deeper connections with their fans. Over time, the writers who make a concerted effort to bond are the ones who come out on top.

Fortunately for the social media-phobes out there, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are not the only ways you can reach out to fans. You can also make connections using the practice of micropublishing. In a post on her blog, publisher Jane Friedman said that authors can stop thinking of social media like work if they see it more as a form of publishing. This is one heck of a mindset change for authors who’d rather be creating than interacting. When you can combine both together, you’ll be able to find creative fulfillment in your connections. Here are six ways you can use this concept to becoming a marketing artist.

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With Author Marketing Live Virtual having drawn to a close, there are a lot of new authors out there who are ready to take the next step in their careers. Conferences, whether they’re in-person or virtual, are highly touted as leaping-off points for indie authors to earn more money and build their businesses. There are several benefits authors can expect to experience from most well-run events.

Conferences teach you new information that you can immediacy apply to your own business. Some of this knowledge is simple to put into practice. Other parts will take time to integrate, but these tried and true methods are more than worth the time, energy, and money you’ve put into the event.

The presentations made by multiple bestselling authors will also motivate you to succeed. After all, they’ve given you the key to the castle, and if you work hard enough, then you’ll be able to waltz right in. There’s also a sense that if these speakers could do it, you can do it too. That’s powerful motivation to tap into on mornings or nights when you don’t feel like putting in the effort.

New tactics and a healthy dose of motivation are well-known benefits of conferences, but there are some lesser-known attributes that can give you a boost as well. Here are four benefits to keep in mind as you assimilate the info from Author Marketing Live.

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We live in an immediate gratification kind of world. When you put money or time into something like self-publishing, you probably want to see a return on investment right away. This is the way most of the world currently thinks, but unless you start thinking long-term about your business, you’ll miss out on several opportunities to create a career for a lifetime.

Writing a book and publishing it professionally is one step in a very long process. You can’t take a look at three months worth of sales and make much of an assessment of how your business will progress from there. That makes certain things like determining the value of your time spent very difficult to do. Instead of refreshing your sales stats or trying out dozens of tweaks that you read about on some blog, you should plan for the future. Here are four steps you can take today that will help you solidify your self-publishing pursuit going forward.

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The time has come to really kick things into high gear. You’ve got an entire trilogy of books available. That’s more than most traditionally published authors put out over two years, and it’s worth celebrating. In this final quarter, you’re going to use the power of free to boost your sales. You’ll also take your shot at email advertisers while trying to determine what else might give you a sales boost going forward.

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July – September

With six months of hard work under your belt, you’re bound to have a small but dedicated following as well as two products in a variety of stores. The third quarter of the year is about continuing to grow while taking advantage of everything you’ve gathered thus far. Even if you haven’t topped 100 sales a month at this point, you’re still setting yourself up for success with a solid foundation.

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The Second Quarter: April – June

Your first book is out and you’re starting to gain traction with fans. Even though instinct may tell you to go out and market your book, you’re still in the building phase. If you have to choose between marketing your first book and writing your second book, then the next book should almost always be the path you take.

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The supposed gold rush has come to a close. Gone are the days where you could use your KDP Select free promotion to makes tens of thousands of dollars. Some authors exploited the Amazon algorithm or the customer review system to net a boatload of cash from 2010 on. The loopholes are closing and the number of books is swelling. Authors who want to earn a living from their books in the next five years will need to worry less about formulas and more about good old-fashioned hard work.

If you’re looking to make six-figures a year from your time as an indie author, then you should prepare to work 80-100 hours a week for the next few years. That being said, it’s possible for authors to earn supplementary income by combining daily writing, effective marketing, and targeted networking. Unless you have a massive breakthrough, 15-30 hours a week of work won’t net you a big payday, but you should be able to creep into the four-figure per month club by the end of a calendar year.


This four-part article goes over all the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goal of $1,000 per month. It assumes that you have all the fundamentals in place: professional-looking covers, a well-edited series of books, captivating blurbs, a website, and a mailing list. The following tips are unlikely to help if you don’t already have a solid foundation. Take the free Selling the First 100 Copies of Your Book course on the Author Marketing Academy and follow all the steps within to hit the bare minimum level for starting this process.


Once you’ve got your ducks in a row, make sure that you’ve secured 15 to 30 hours per week in your schedule for the entire year. This is non-negotiable. You can’t expect to take a few weeks or months off in the middle of the year and maintain the momentum you’ll need to build your business. Block out the time to take action, or you’re unlikely to reach your income goal.


With your schedule and a firm understanding of how to deliver a professional book in pace, here is a 12-month overview of what it’ll take to earn $1,000 from your monthly self-publishing sales.

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The following is an follow up interview we did with an Erotica author who we interviewed years ago. The author, previously unnamed, was making over $10,000 a month writing short Erotica novels, and at the time had produced over 100 of them. If you missed the first interview, you can see that here.

In this follow up interview, we find out how her success has been since 2014 and how Kindle Unlimited has worked for her. If you're an author who is interested in how an author can write a lot of books and use them to have success on Amazon and other networks, then you will not want to miss this short interview.

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