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The Author Marketing Podcast

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Jan 15, 2015

Your time as an indie author is precious. There are more than enough tasks to fill up your schedule, and if you did them all, it’s likely you’d be working 80 hours a week. For most of the last two years, publishing directly to Apple hasn’t seemed like a worthwhile investment in time.

While there have been stories of some genres performing well on the platform, there are ten-fold as many tales of authors putting time and energy into Apple with no results to speak of. The publishing platform isn’t intuitive, and it may require a Google Search or two for strange error messages returned by your document. After uploading, Apple has been notorious for taking at least a week to get books live. Once the books become available, discoverability has been hit or miss, often leaving products languishing in sales despite your best intentions.

Without question, there are shortcomings to the Apple platform, but there is hope for 2015 and beyond. Apple’s recent acquisition of BookLamp, a book discoverability engine that could rival Amazon’s recommendation algorithm, and a renewed dedication to faster book processing, has some authors excited about the platform’s prospects. If you’re considering publishing on Apple’s iBooks store, here are six things you should keep in mind.