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The Author Marketing Podcast

Welcome to the Author Marketing Podcast!

Dec 11, 2014

Could you write 30 novels a year? According to author Dean Wesley Smith, this is the pace some writers kept to make a living in the early 20th Century. These pulp writers churned out a book every two weeks for a penny a word.

How was it humanly possible for these authors to keep up such a breakneck pace? It was simply what they had to do to earn a living. That’s something that pulp and indie writers have in common. If you continuously fail to meet your daily word count over and over again, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make a living from your writing.

Authors of today have a few more distractions than their turn of the century counterparts, but many of them are the same: bills to pay, families to feed, health issues, etc. To write even a quarter of the output of these extreme pulp writers, you’ll need to streamline your system to give your productivity the boost it needs. Here are five ways to dramatically increase your writing productivity.