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The Author Marketing Podcast

Welcome to the Author Marketing Podcast!

Dec 17, 2014

What a difference a few hundred years makes. If you were a wannabe writer in the time of Jane Austin or Charles Dickens, your chances of meeting them and asking writing-related questions would be practically nonexistent. The advent of writers’ conventions has given aspiring authors the chance to connect with bestselling scribes from every genre.

In the last few years, the wall between full-time authors and authors-in-training has gotten even more transparent. Blog posts, podcasts, and social media give you the opportunity to chat with successful authors on a daily basis. Once you get an author’s attention, however, it’s very important that you use your time wisely.

If you’ve ever been to a conference or a live Google+ Hangout with a successful author, you’ve probably seen similar questions pop up in every session. How do I find an agent? Should I seek a publisher or self publish? Where do you come up with your ideas? While these kinds of questions present themselves in most open discussions, that doesn’t mean they’re a valuable use of your face time. If you’re serious about being a successful author yourself, then you need to ask questions that have actionable answers. It’s not worth asking a question if you’re unable to use the information that you’ll receive in return.

Here are five questions that will provide you with much more useful answers.