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In this special interview Jim speaks with Ferol Vernon from We talk about every author's dream of being discovered and how to best do that. We also cover book pricing strategies, cover design tips, and writing books in series.

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When you first started self-publishing, it likely seemed like a ton of work you’d never be able to accomplish yourself. Whether you have one book on Amazon or two dozen on a variety of e-retailers, you’ve learned that self-publishing wasn’t quite as hard as you thought. While marketing those books may remain a challenge, you’re more likely to get a return if you have more products out there. Getting your books in audio format gives you one more product for each book you have on the market.

Audiobook production may seem even more daunting than digital self-publishing ever did. You’ll need to learn some new terminology and you’ll have to figure out a whole new process, so you might be wondering if the whole audio enterprise is worth it. To keep things simple, let’s just say that audio is the future of publishing and we’re nowhere close to reaching the tipping point.

If you want to get the most of out your fiction or non-fiction, then you need to make audio a key part of your author business plan. Here are four reasons you should turn your novel or non-fiction work into an audiobook.

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The author community was abuzz late last year when Amazon made its first cosmetic change to its KDP sales tracking system in years. The KDP Sales Dashboard now displays up to 90 days worth of sales and gives the author the ability to control which books are tracked during which time periods. It even displays a handy chart of how much money you’ve earned during the specified period. While this was a slight improvement, it wasn’t without its problems.

The earnings in different countries aren’t converted to a single currency, which means you have to break out a calculator or do some internet research to determine your true earnings. It also fails to take borrows into account in the earnings chart. To determine how much you earned from borrows, you have to wait two weeks past the end of the month to look at Amazon’s densely-packed spreadsheet that would give some accountants headaches. Fortunately for self-published authors, there are several pieces of software that overcome KDP’s limitations.

The following five add-ons each have their pros and cons. Some are free, while others require a monthly or yearly payment. Read on to figure out which of the following tools would best work for your indie author business.

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We share a lot of advanced steps here on the Author Marketing Institute, but there are still plenty of people out there who are starting at the very beginning. Every day, more authors who’ve sent hundreds of query letters consider the option of self-publishing. Given how far the market has come in the last five years, it would be easy to give indie publishing a shot and become completely overwhelmed in a heartbeat. Don’t be.

Tens of thousands of authors have tried their hand at self-publishing a book, and many of them made countless mistakes along the way. Don’t let the fact that they’ve already learned the ropes discourage you. Instead, get excited that other authors have dealt with every possible mistake so that you don’t have to. The self-publishing community is very inclusive, and it’s rarely hard to find an answer to even the most complicated of questions. You’ve come to the right career.

For a person just starting out in self-publishing, we recommend a six-step process to give yourself the best chance to succeed. Here is our recommended order from taking yourself from indie novice to a self-published success story.

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Don’t assume that money will solve all your self-publishing problems. There are plenty of authors who have hundreds to thousands of extra dollars to throw at their books without anything in the way of results. A little money spent in the right way during the publishing and marketing process can pay dividends, but you need to be smart about how you use it.

It’s very possible to set aside $50 to $100 a month and turn it into a positive return on investment for your author career. Saving up that money is only the first step of the process. You need to avoid the financial errors of the spendthrift authors who’ve come before you. Here are 4 money-related mistakes you should avoid in self-publishing if you want to get the best bang for your buck.

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Talking Author Services with Shari Stauch of

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Kristina Radke, NetGalley’s Publisher Liaison and Communications Manager talks with us about getting reviews and

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Author Joanna Penn & Mark Lefebvre from Kobo talk about the business of self-publishing and being an authorpreneur, as well as the business of marketing of books.

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In this conversation we talk with Ferol Vernon, the COO of The discussion moves into talking about discounting books and strategies to get your books discovered.

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Here on Author Marketing Institute, we talk a lot about increasing your earnings and becoming a stronger writer. One thing we haven’t touched upon so much is how to be happy with the work you’re doing. So many writers base their happiness on a paycheck. They’re overjoyed if they have a giant month on KDP, and they’re down in the dumps if they fail to make ends meet during another. This is a tough way to live. If the tragic ends of famous movie stars have taught us anything, it’s that money cannot buy you happiness.

So if it’s not about the dollar signs, what else should an author base his or her happiness around? True happiness comes from within not from without. It takes as much work to be happy as it does to tweak your keywords or format your Kindle book. There’s no one true formula, but there are a few things you can do as an author to improve your odds of a good mood. Here are six steps you can take to be happier as an author.

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